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Apparently, I have a skill for bartending. Maybe one day I’ll open my own bar. I’ll have a bit of an exotic menu though.     Advertisements

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Masao MIA

The last couple of months have been a bit nuts for me, so sorry for lack of… well everything. I’ve been caught in the middle of a turf war of peacocks working onĀ  a CBA and it’s lights out for … Continue reading

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I hate being busy

But at the same time, I don’t hate it. It’s funny. The more things I have to do during the day and the more stressed out I am by work and obligations, the better I sleep and the more rested … Continue reading

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Some people are weird.

I see them everyday. They’re dressed funny. Either they’ve got weird haircuts, or strange rings, tattoos on their face, baggy pants down to their knees so you can see their underwear, hats on backwards, whatever. They talk in strange languages … Continue reading

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I’ve gotten messages telling me I’m scary. I’m not trying to scare people hahaha. I had to be my own surrogate parent, so obviously I turned out a bit weird. Trying to hide that weirdness killed me. I find that … Continue reading

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Opening a blog

Note sure how this is supposed to work out. I’ll just post some random stuff here every once in a while. BTW, I think Wendy is kind of cute.

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