Apparently, I have a skill for bartending. Maybe one day I’ll open my own bar. I’ll have a bit of an exotic menu though.



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4 Responses to Bartender?

  1. Akihiro says:

    Sounds like an interesting idea, Masao. Maybe when you retire you can open a bar.

  2. nothere413 says:

    I’d come visit your bar. I’d order a sunrise and then we could shoot the shit. Sounds like fun.

  3. Feliks says:

    Man Masao, I’ve watched some of your videos and it’s incredible how close your thinking comes to mine sometimes. I bet it’s a really enjoyable experience to just sit down and have a chat with you over a coffee or something. Keep it up, cheers!

  4. James Bond says:

    Just have somebody check your recipe before you cook it.

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