Some people are weird.

I see them everyday.

They’re dressed funny. Either they’ve got weird haircuts, or strange rings, tattoos on their face, baggy pants down to their knees so you can see their underwear, hats on backwards, whatever. They talk in strange languages and go through unhealthy efforts to look cool and badass.

And in conversation it’s like talking to someone rehearsing a comedy routine. Yo yo yo, making little noises, flashing weird hand signs.

‘kay, I get it. You’re a badass. But why the hell do you need me to think you’re a badass?

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3 Responses to Some people are weird.

  1. dantox says:

    True. My guess is that they have no personal identity. Therefore they try to copy the style of their favorite bad ass gangster rappers on TV or some sort of tough guy “street” fashion. Or simply try to fit in, craving for alikeness by other stereotype idiots.

    Actually it’s scary: TV shows present you trends and values that otherwise wouldn’t exist. It’s like they have the power to manipulate the simple minded individuals. Fooled by beliving all this crap they consum all this shit just to be fashionable.

    Anyway, on the other site, I can understand and accept the urge or needs for a tattoo or something they really desire for themself. Just because they like it, and not to splurge.

  2. freelance robotics says:

    Everyone’s strange. It’s pretty strange to spend hours on end watching TV or playing videogames, really. It’s strange to eat fast food. It’s strange to pay attention to what celebrities do.

    I’d rather talk to people who do more interesting or unusual stuff often. I think it’s strange for people to spend their time not doing much of anything.

  3. FlexinMyDickMuscle says:

    You should keep this blog updated! I don’t always post in here because I don’t always have something to contribute to the topic. Btw, it’s all about fitting in. Humans live to relate to one another in their own ways.

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