I’ve gotten messages telling me I’m scary.
I’m not trying to scare people hahaha.

I had to be my own surrogate parent, so obviously I turned out a bit weird. Trying to hide that weirdness killed me. I find that people like me better if they see the real me instead of me trying so hard to act “normal.” I’m not trying anymore, screw it!
And if you find me scary, you must think Eeyore is scary with a tail nailed in his coccyx. I love you Eeyore <3

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17 Responses to Scary

  1. holy dragon says:

    the generation of children who raise themselves will be the first to see the world as it is comrade we are very close now we must push past all boundries on this the december of revolution

  2. I feel you man. “Being weird” is just deviating from the norm, anyway. Nothing absolute.

    Fly on, little wing.

  3. Three Oaks says:

    coccyx is the best word

  4. Roofies says:

    Aww you’re not scary. Don’t listen to the haters!

  5. 34, 38, 61, 10 says:

    Masao, you’re not scary. I think we’re more just fascinated with you. I think right now, there’s a good deal of people looking up to you. The way you overcame your anxiety issues with truth and honesty is admirable.

  6. Rimmer says:

    I think getting out of that old apartment is admirable. Sweet 8lb5oz baby Jesus, I’d love to read something or see a video about how you got to that point and how you got out of it. I know your new place looks like its being well kept too! Hell, if you wrote an autobiography I’d buy it.

  7. gludovici says:

    Being weird is basically my life, so I think you’re pretty interesting.

  8. AO says:

    Hey Masao, just another quick question: you talked in your last video about your “other places” in addition to your sister’s and the one that you own. Is the the third place the one that you own in Italy, then? And is that the only other one?

    • masaohf says:

      No, I have 3 places in Montreal. One is the one with the white kitchen where I make most of the new videos, one is the dirty house and the other I only made one video there on a rocking chair.

  9. Russell says:

    Hey Masao,
    I’ve just got to tell you, you have got to be one of the most genuine, honest people I have ever “met”. Your videos are incredibly interesting and your opinions as well. I have heard that you are fluent in four languages? Is this true?
    Anyways man, keep it up,
    Let me know if you would ever want your original website redesigned!

  10. masaohf says:

    I can speak 4 languages, but I have an accent in each because I spoke them at different times in my life

    • Russell says:

      Ah i see that’s pretty interesting man,
      Do you have any other hobbies other than cooking? I must say that your mouth camera work is very impressive.

  11. Sioko says:

    Question for you, Masao!
    How many countries have you been to, and which ones?
    So far I know you have been to Japan, Canada, and Italy. Where else?

  12. Jeremy says:

    For many people like me it is a good thing that you are scary. If you were not scary I could not use your videos as a reliable laxative.

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